Unique Elephant Lodges

Couldn’t resist one more elephant posting 😉  Knysna Elephant Park’s extended elephant-experience offering includes accommodation.  With the natural beauty of the Park in the heart of the Garden Route, it makes for the perfect stay over.  And what a privilege it is to witness the elephants waking up in the morning, or settling down into their night-time routine…

The Elephant Lodge affords you the unique experience of sharing the elephants’ accommodation with them.  Knysna Elephant Park’s orphaned elephants end their day by heading to their world-class boma for the night – here they enjoy some rest and pampering, with a bed of soft sawdust and a mountain of branches to keep them busy munching.  The Lodge comprises six rooms which have been built within the boma.  All rooms have been luxuriously decorated with a distinct elephant theme throughout.  The unique Elephant Lounge forms the central relaxation area overlooking the elephants’ sleeping quarters.  Here you are able to relax and watch the elephants enjoying their evening meal.  You will be privy to their every sound and movement, and after a night or more in the Elephant Lodge, you’ll also be able to answer the question – do elephants lie down when they are sleeping…

Another unique option is The Elephant Sanctuary situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range, +/- 3km from Hartbeespoort.  The Elephant Sanctuary offers hands-on interactive elephant experiences.  During a guided program you will learn more about the elephants’ habits, behaviours, different personalities and anatomy.  You will also get the chance to touch, feed, walk trunk-in-hand and even ride these magnificent African elephants.  We suggest the 2 Night Lodge Experience: Check-in on day arrival at 16h00, enjoy a sundowner on the beautiful mountain deck, and return for dinner in the boma.  Wake up and have a scrumptious breakfast after which you will do the 08h00 program, which includes the brush down of the elephants.  After the program you would stroll over to Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, where you will walk through an indigenous forest on elevated, wooden walkways and encounter a variety of free-living, exotic monkeys.  This tour will be conducted by a personal guide.  Return to the Elephant Sanctuary for lunch with a sundowner during the afternoon and a set menu dinner at the boma later the evening.

The main lodge rooms all share a common wall with one of the elephant’s stables – you will be amazed how quiet they actually are.  There is a covered patio and lounge for relaxing/reading, and a secluded swimming pool in the forest a few steps from the lodge.  The main deck overlooks the elephant boma and has an adjoining a curio shop with interesting, mostly elephant-related items, and fully licensed bar.  All the elephants are rescued African elephants and the sanctuary staff have gained their trust through unique reward based training.  They believe in forming bonds between humans and elephants and all the elephants are exercised and stimulated daily which provides a firm foundation for trust.  Elephants are highly intelligent and delightful and you will discover a different character, personality and temperament within each one.

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