Swim with Wild Dolphins in Mozambique

Since time immemorial dolphins have captured the hearts of men and women the world over.  In Ponta do Ouro on the southern most shores of Mozambique, our hearts have been captivated too.  Join Africa’s longest running wild dolphin swim program for a purposeful holiday.  Programs are scheduled throughout the year and cater for families, solitary seekers and holistic workshops.  All programs directly support the projects conserving, awareness, research and educational purposes.

All dolphin encounters follow the specially developed DolphinCareAfrica code of conduct, allowing for non-intrusive viewing on the dolphins terms.  No feeding,  no coaxing, just you and the dolphins of Ponta face to face in the big blue.  An experience that often leaves one wondering ‘who’s actually watching who’!

Road Travel can arrange a four day journey with the wild dolphins of Ponta, specially designed for in-water observations.  The program is structured and guided by DolphinCareAfrica’s on-site biologist Diana Rocha and program founder Angie Gullan.  Programs include pre-training with snorkelling and swim code of conduct, interesting presentations, tribe t-shirt, images downloads and early morning sessions with the dolphins each day.  Programs include three nights lodging in Ponta and most meals depending on the venue.  The Surfari session include an interesting and informative educational pre-launch briefing followed by 90 minutes boat trip to observe marine mammals ( with the possibility of swimming with the dolphins of Ponta), whale-sharks and snorkel over shallow reef.  Contact Road Travel to arrange your ideal dolphin encounter.

The quaint little town of Ponta do Ouro is situated in Southern Mozambique just 10 km from the South African border.  The hustle & bustle of development, such as houses being restored to their former glory coupled with a good dose of laid back charm are what make this such an unforgettable destination.  In Ponta do Ouro you will be sure to find beautiful white beaches, dense dune forests, amazing diving and an ever-stretching azure sea.  A very traditional open air market, several “cantinas” (little shops) and eager curio sellers will quench your thirst for shopping before you make your way to one of the rustic restaurants in town.

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