Proudly Supporting Table Mountain!

We at Road Travel are ecstatic at the news that Cape Town will be reaping the huge benefits thanks to the esteem granted to Table Mountain by the international community in nominating her to possibly become one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature!

In an international tourism drive known as the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign, Table Mountain has been elected as one of the final 28 natural landmarks which are eligible for the final prize.  As the name implies, seven natural wonders will be selected to be nature’s answer to the man made, Seven Wonders of the World; The impact of a landmark being selected will result in a huge tourist boost to the cities they call home.

Table Mountain’s selection could mean as much as another 1.4 billion Rands (ZAR) flowing into Cape Town’s tourism coffers per year.  This extra money could assist in some much needed new developments which would greatly improve the everyday lives of Capetonians and contribute towards job creation.  As one of the top tour operators in South Africa, the team at Road Travel is fully behind initiatives like this and urges all of you to get involved and cast your vote at:

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