Celebrate Life Festival in Cape Town

The Celebrate Life festival is the annual premier lifestyle festival in Cape Town and has been in existence for over eight years, growing in size and reputation every year.  Come and restore your spirit and uplift your soul at Cape Town’s Celebrate Life festival.  This highly popular and not to be missed event will take place 18-19 June at the River Club.  The accent is on all things natural, organic, green and eco-friendly. Both days include speakers, demonstrations, workshops, music and stalls to brows through.  The festival is community based and has a platform of promoting all that is healthy, holistic and lifestyle based.  The Celebrate Life Festival also promote initiatives that support local communities, are interfaith and based on the principles of peace and eco responsibility.  This will be a weekend for the whole family to enjoy, with delicious food to buy and stalls to browse through.  All talks, workshops and demonstrations are free.

There will be workshops such as “Yoga without the fuss” by Cheryl Lancellas.  An introduction to a gentle way to connect with ourselves.  Cheryl is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, jazz dance teacher and massage therapist.  She resumed practicing yoga 7 years ago after which teacher training followed quite naturally.  She has been to India twice and completed her teachers training in Nasik, with the Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

There will also be an interactive workshop called “A Journey through the Tarot”, offered by the members of the Cape Town Tarot Association – lots of info, Question & Answer session, reading tips, some fun games – something for everyone, from Beginners to Advanced.  Chris Tokalon, musician and sound therapist, will demonstrate simple and powerful ways of harnessing readily available energy for creating healing and transformation, in a fun, interactive and informal way.  Overtone singing and chanting will help you shake loose stress and trauma , restore balance and remember of your ancient heritage – harmony.  You will also experience a live sound journey at the end, with various instruments, including flute and Tibetan bowls.

Dr. Michael Lan will be offering Tai Chi – “The Power of Transformation” workshop.  Michael Lan is an accomplished traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner by trade and an accomplished Martial Artist highly respected by his peers.  Over the years, realizing its tremendous healing potential, Dr Lan has focused strongly on making his art more accessible to more people, and has indeed taken the art of TCM (Chinese medicine) and Tai Chi to a whole new level in South Africa.  Dr Lan continues to develop his passion and art, and is committed to improving the lives of his patients and clients on a daily basis.

There will also be a Hip Circle Belly Dance showcase.  Belly dancing has been hailed as one of the best exercise forms for woman- not only for its obvious toning of the entire body and strengthening of the ‘core’ muscles, but also for its power to kick start the endocrine system- helping to awaken the pelvic area and move hormones to their target areas, stimulating endorphins, and ridding the body of stress.  It is a timeless, sophisticated and passionate expression of femininity- powerful and graceful- a celebration of the mysteries of life.  Mimicking the movements in child birth, it can be used to strengthen and ready yourself for that awesome experience, or for recovery after… but most woman, do it for fun and excitement, or to feel like the gorgeous woman they are- regardless of shape, age or size.  There are a number of styles of within belly dance and these styles include Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, tribal and cabaret forms.  Surika will be performing the traditional Egyptian dance, including cane dancing and zills playing.

There’s going to be so much to do and experience at the Celebrate Life Festival, but we’d like to also mention the drumming.  You could also explore the Rhythm of Drumming with Bevil Spence and Drumba.  Bevil is a full-time drum maker, drum circle facilitator and hand drumming teacher, based in Cape Town, South Africa, whose mission it is to spread the joy and healing power of traditional hand drumming to as many people as possible.

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