Is pricing more important than the destination?

A recent newsletter article mentioned that a new survey conducted by ‘Travelzoo’ had found that 64% of people are saying that hotel prices are more important than the destination when choosing holidays.  The survey which was meant to examine consumer behavior found that most holiday planning was based on price and user reviews.   It found that 93% of those surveyed compared prices before booking and 81% used hotel review sites.

Should hotels be offering lowering prices and working towards better online reviews, or should the traveler be better off knowing how to find better pricing?  Joel Brandon-Bravo, managing director of Travelzoo UK said, “People are becoming much more price-conscious and may base their whole destination choice on finding a good-value hotel.” “We can also see that people are happy to try new hotels and lesser-known brands if it means getting more for their money.

For us it seems obvious that since established travel groups in the destination country normally hold special industry contracts with many Hotels and Guest Houses, this will allow them to offer even better rate discounts when putting together the clients travel package.  If people are more price-conscious then the correct way to look for discounts and specials is to contact an established operator in the destination country.

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