Top Five Personal Favorite Restaurants in and around Johannesburg

Pigalle Sandton
Located adjacent to Nelson Mandela Square in the luxurious Michelangelo Towers, Pigalle transcends the local sense of style and urban chic to offer its guests an ambiance of the utmost elegance and gilded magnificence. While marble flooring, Spanish chandeliers, fine materials and Italian fabrics are punctuated by beautifully limned oil paintings in gold frames, the baroque chic doesn’t occlude its contemporary aspirations. Pigalle’s kitchen is one of Johannesburg’s most revered. Like the richly layered and sumptuous design, the cuisine takes its cue from the most exalted regional and ethnic cuisines.

The Melrose Arch Moyo is probably the best-known restaurant in Johannesburg. The restaurant hosts a variety of shows from storytellers to mime artists and other entertainment. Diners are greeted by wishee-washee ladies, who bring bowls of water to wash their hands, and later return to paint their faces. The menu is mostly African, incorporating influences, recipes and spices from across the continent. The Moroccan tent décor gives an exceptional ambiance, reflected in the mud and straw walls, and the total package makes fashionable the African food, décor and music.

Auberge Michel
This is the favorite restaurant of black economic empowerment millionaires, foreign correspondents and those leading politicians who can afford its steep prices.  The menu changes three times a year to reflect the seasons and the emphasis is on the finest southern African produce – duck and meat sourced from the Midlands, crab and langoustines from Mozambique and endive from the Cape.

The Carnivore is a unique experience. This open-air meat specialty restaurant has become a standard stop on the safari trail. Every type of meat imaginable, including four choices of wild game, is roasted on traditional Maasai swords (skewers) over a huge, visually spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

La Belle Terrasse and Loggia
Exceptional cuisine, an extensive wine list, and a backdrop of the forest by day and the glittering lights of Johannesburg at night, have earned La Belle Terrasse the distinction of being among the city’s most sought after restaurants. Whether enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner or our Sunday brunch, expect a memorable experience.

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