Why its a good idea to make use of the services of a Destination Management Company

The convenience of technology and the World Wide Web has definitely influenced the travel industry, particularly with regards to how trips are being planned and booked.  As with anything in life, there are both ups and downs to trying to plan your trip online without the assistance of someone “on the other side”.
Obviously, the most important aspect of a tour to southern Africa is the planning, and that is why it is ever so handy to have someone like Road Travel on your side, someone with knowledge and experience of the places you want to visit.
What a lot of travelers don’t know is that the FIT (“Fully Inclusive Tour” or “Flexible Individual Travel”) tour option is the most cost-effective way to experience Southern Africa.  It is all your choice, you choose the type of vehicle hire, the standard of accommodation, the time of year to visit, which regions, how long, and you choose the itinerary that meets with your own specific requirements.
As accredited southern African inbound tour operator, our knowledge of the properties, geographic areas, logistics, road infrastructure and what is available (sights, services, etc.) are expertise worth benefiting from.  Road Travel provides a personalized, fully inclusive service.  We offer you professional assistance throughout your trip and not just prior to your arrival.  There are ‘hidden’ services with obvious benefits, such as us confirming your safe arrivals and departures with the accommodation and service providers, just another part of our “24hr assistance” service.  The safety and sensibility is genuinely worth factoring in.
Regarding the local communities and responsible tourism, when using Road Travel you know that the money you spend here stays in the country.
Road Travel is in a better position to offer discount rates due to specially negotiated contracts with service providers, and you also enjoy the financial benefit of making payments to just one company instead of having to pay each supplier individually.  So next time you start planning your trip to southern Africa, consider benefiting from our expertise, services and discount rates.

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